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Compact Discs

Sisters All. . . and One Troll
Winner of 2007 Storytelling World Award for Storytelling Recordings
Winner of a 2006 iParenting Media Award
Winner of a 2006 Parents’ Choice Gold Award

Tales of active heroines, “Kate Crackernuts,” “Three Sisters and the Troll,” and “Eleven Cinderellas.” To hear excerpts from this CD, click here.

Alligators, Bees, & Surprise, Oh My! Folktales Revived!

Eight stories – “The Bun,” “Jack and the Wish Giver,” “Coyote’s Tail,” “The King and His Advisor,” “Drakestail,” “The Poor Man and the Rich Man’s Purse,” “1000 Ideas,” and “Rabbit and the Alligators.”
Yes, some of you may already have these stories on Mary’s audiocassettes. Remember audiocassettes? They’ve about died out. So, here are the stories – revived! To hear excerpts from this CD, click here.


Haunting Tales

Spooky stories - "Sam'l (and the Graveyard Worm)," "The Tailypo," "Promises to Keep," "The Beaded Bag," "The Men in the Open Grave," "Sop Doll," "Mr. Fox" and "The Woman in Brown."
To hear excerpts from this CD, click here.

"Hamilton's vocal special effects are excellent. Her voice changes for different characters bring them to life. Her 'special sounds' (animals, groans, screeches, etc.) are spooky and fun."
School Library Journal review of "Haunting Tales"

Some Dog and Other Kentucky Wonders
A variety of tales true to Kentucky's narrative traditions - "The Farmer's Smart Daughter," "Lazy Jack," "Some Dog," "Stormwalker," "Jeff Rides the Rides" and "Jump Rope Kingdom."
Listen to an excerpt from "Jump Rope Kingdom" here. To hear excerpts from this CD, click here.

Tales of Fools and Wise Folk
Recorded live at the National Storytelling Festival. Includes Mary's telling of "The Poor Man and the Rich Man's Purse" plus stories by six other tellers - Jim May, Bill Harley, Heather Forest, Jackie Torrence, Barbara Freeman, and Michael Williams.

[If you can still play audiocassettes, you’ll find them at the bottom of this page discounted to $5 each, while they last!]

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Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies by Mary Hamilton
Kentucky Folktales CoverA book of stories Mary tells, plus stories about the art of storytelling.
"This book functions on two levels...great stories which will be fun for the casual reader…along with in depth notes showing how
a contemporary storyteller…Mary Hamilton…shapes a tale for telling. Lovers of story will find a lot to delight them in this book. And Kentucky story lovers will just want to grab it and take it home with them to keep!"—Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald, author of Ten Traditional Tellers


The August House Book of Scary Stories: Spooky Tales for Telling Out Loud
Edited by Liz Parkhurst. Here you’ll find tales from twenty storytellers including Mary’s retelling of “The Gingerbread Man” the story of a hard-working mistreated girl helped by a very unusual cookie! Leonard Roberts collected this Kentucky folktale from Billie Jean Fields in Martin County in 1970 under the title “The Family” and from Margie Day in Leslie County before 1954 under the title “The Candy Doll.” Mary retells the story with permission from the Leonard Roberts family and the Southern Appalachian Archives at Berea College, home of the Leonard Roberts Collection.

The Scenic Route: Stories from the Heartland
Forward by Frank and Katrina Basile. Edited by Ellen Munds and Beth Millett. Indiana Historical Society Press, 2007. Mary’s story, “Jump Rope Kingdom” was selected by Storytelling Arts of Indiana for this collection “from a dozen storytellers who have graced our stages and share our Midwestern heritage.”

Other tellers include: Dan Keding, Bob Sander, Bill Harley, Syd Lieberman, Liza Hyatt, George Schricker, Jim May, Beth Horner, Lou Ann Homan, Nancy Donoval, and Michael Cotter. For an audio version of “Jump Rope Kingdom” see the CD Some Dog and Other Kentucky Wonders, above.

Telling Stories: Fiction by Kentucky Feminists edited by Elizabeth Oakes and Jane Olmstead,
Western Kentucky University Press, 2001
Mary's short story, "Susan Contemplates Murder," is one of twenty-six stories included in this anthology from the Kentucky Feminist Writers Series.

"In Mary Hamilton's Susan Contemplates Murder, a scorned mistress starts out thinking about murder but in the end deflates her lover's ego with a far more clever and liberating, but just as final, act."
Lexington Herald Leader, Cheryl Turner, reviewer


Sailing the Flying Ship (ages 10 and up)
Stories and thoughts on navigating life. A weaving of true stories, folktales and practical observations.
Discounted to $5.00

"However you use it [Sailing the Flying Ship], you cannot help but appreciate a beautifully crafted storytelling piece that is sure to make you think. Perhaps you'll think about the power of inner voices, the importance of focus, true listening, and taking time on the way through life. Each person will no doubt take from the tape what he/she needs and have a good time doing it."
The Second Story Review

The Winter Wife and Other Stories
North American folktales. "The Winter Wife," "Coyote's Tail," "The Woman in Brown," "Rabbit and the Alligators," and Hamilton family anecdotes "A Place to Start" and "Jeff Rides the Rides."
Discounted to $5.00

1000 Ideas and Then Some

Six folktales from seven cultures! "1000 Ideas," Russian and Ukranian; "None but Timothy Brennan," Irish; "The Princess and the Dove," Italian; "The Poor Man and the Rich Man's Purse," Jewish; "Mr. Fox," English; "The King and His Advisor" from India.
Discounted to $5.00

Some Dog and Other Kentucky Wonders
A variety of tales true to Kentucky's narrative traditions - "The Farmer's Smart Daughter," "Lazy Jack," "Some Dog," and "Stormwalker."
Discounted to $5.00

Stepping Stones: Stories for Ages 4 - 10

Different stories for different ages including "The Bun," "Wishing Star," "Jack & the Wishgiver," "Drakestail," and "Vasillisa the Beautiful."
Discounted to $5.00

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